A fengshui expert encourages businessmen and workers to invest in new things or activities as it is considered auspicious this Year of the Metal Rat.

This Year of the Metal Rat is considered a “new beginning” because the animal cycle of the Chinese horoscope starts with the rat. Because of this, it is beneficial to start something new this year, according to Master HanzCua, a fengshui expert.

When it comes to business and work, for instance, a new company or career is considered lucky.

“Marami dating mga sikatna, mga technology man ‘yan, o kompanyanamawawala. Kakainin sila ng mga bago. ‘Yong mga bago at nagsisimula pa lang, sila ngayon ang magiging powerful,” says Cua.

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“Dapat lagi tayo naghahanap ng bagong ventures, bagong tirahan, bagong gagawin mo, bagong negosyo, bagong career,” he added.

Some of the businesses that will boom this 2020 according to Cua are those involving food and the internet just like an online store.

Cua also advises not to be hot-tempered as conflicts are common in the Year 2020. The element that accompanies the Year of the Rat is metal, which symbolizes conflict.

“Yong mga countries ngayon, mas habaannila ‘yongpasensiyakasi mas possible ‘yonggulo,” says Cua.

Infidelity is also common this year as the rat is considered ‘flirtatious’ in the animal zodiac, says Cua.

“Typical ngayon ang may kinalaman sa mga third party, office romance, s3x scandal.”

In show businesses, famous personalities will face challenges in their relationship as couples.

“Maramidiyannaalammodatinangmatagalnangmagkasama, maghihiwalay, magsasama ng bago.”

Additionally, the theme of love this 2020 is relationships with huge age gaps.

As for sports and beauty pageants, the Philippines will be lucky and will win several awards and titles this year.

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