Aspiring and deserving Filipino students can now have the chance to study in Japan through a scholarship grant by the Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC).

In the latest press release, Ajinomoto Scholarship Foundation will be providing scholarship grants to help you achieve your goals this 2021 Ajinomoto Postgraduate Scholarship Grant. The said scholarship program will support those deserving Filipino students who need financial assistance to push through higher education particularly in the field of sciences.

This postgraduate scholarship grant by the Ajinomoto Scholarship Program (ASP) will provide a full scholarship in master’s course to deserving Filipinos who will be sent to top Japanese universities including Kyoto University, University of Tokyo, Nagoya University, Waseda University, Ochanomizu University, Kagawa Nutrition University as well as Tokyo Institute of Technology.

So far, the APC already sent 10 Filipino scholars to Japan including a University of the Philippines Manila graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Pharmacy, Ms. Kimberly Castro.

Kimberly (Photo via Rappler)

“So much to learn, not only academically, but also from other cultures and way of life.”

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Must be a Filipino Citizen
  • Must have graduated or be expected to graduate with an excellent academic record (with over 15 years of education completed or expected to be completed) and must receive the recommendation of his/her University President or Academic Advisor or be otherwise qualified to enroll in the university
  • Must be under the age of 35 years old on April 1, 2020
  • In principle, the applicant must be able to obtain approval of acceptance as either a Postgraduate International Research Student (hereinafter “Research Student”) or a Graduate School Student (Master’s course) (hereinafter “Master’s Course Student”) from the University and be registered as a Research Student or a Master’s Course Student for April 2021 or October 2021
  • Must acquire adequate Japanese language proficiency that is required in order to research and study in master’s course, when enrolling as a Master’s course student
  • Must file an application and attend selection procedures in the Philippines
  • Must be in good physical and mental health, and have a strong motivation for learning
  • Must not be receiving other scholarships
  • Must show financial need to pursue higher education.
  • Must have a strong sense of nationalism, leadership and motivation

Scholarship Grant Duration

  • If the recipient enrolls as a research student, scholarship will be provided for a maximum of 3 years (1 year as a research student and maximum 2 years as a master’s course student). The scholarship will be suspended if the recipient fails to pass the entrance exam for a master’s course within a year after arriving in Japan.
  • For Waseda University, in principle, scholarships will be provided for 2 years studying as a Master’s Course Student.

Scholarship Benefits

  • ¥150,000 (approximately P70,500) monthly allowance for a maximum of 1 year as a research student at a graduate school
  • ¥180,000 (approximately P84,600) monthly allowance for a maximum of 2 years as a master’s course student at graduate school
  • Full coverage of examination, admission and tuition fees
  • Full coverage of Japanese language training before going to Japan
  • Full coverage of airfare to Japan (two-way ticket)

Interested applicants can visit for the entire details of the scholarship grant. March 1, 2020, is the deadline for the submission of the application.

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