Recently, the PhilHealth maximum contribution was raised to P7,488 for OFWs earning P20,800 per month. It is more than thrice the annual payment before amounting to only P2,400/year. However, is this new regulation already takes effect?

For most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who just arrived in Hong Kong, their answer is NO. According to them, they are still asked to pay the old annual fee which is PhP2,400.

But it seems like it is not true to all OFWs as one had to pay PhP21,600 upon asking the amount that he has to pay. According to The SUN Hong Kong, a Filipino working as a driver in Hong Kong asked a PhilHealth staff to compute the amount that he should pay. It was totaled PhP21,600.

According to an online group with members reaching 40,000 OFWs, the majority of them are still paying the old PhilHealth fee of PhP2,400.

As for the marketing manager of Metrobank in Hong Kong, the premium table in their respective database is yet to be changed, which is why they are still collecting the old fee.

To be able to get an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), an OFW needs to pay the PhilHealth premium as it is one of the requirements for its issuance.


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