Another Filipina domestic helper treated badly by her employer in Kuwait was rescued by the PHILIPPINE EMBASSY, as confirmed by the DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS (DFA).

According to DFA Undersecretary ,Brigido Dulay Jr. said that the Philippine Embassy came to help OFW Delia Solomon who previously complained of maltreatment through Facebook which later on turned viral.

DFA Undersecretary Brigido Dulay Jr /Image from Manila Bulletin

“While a distressed OFW’s plea was going viral in social media yesterday, our Kuwait PE (Philippine Embassy) worked quietly on extracting her,” says Dulay.

Dulay also said that the rescued OFW is currently being housed at the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and already awaiting her repatriation back to her hometown in the Philippines.

It can be recalled that the Kuwaiti government condemned the Philippine Embassy staff for helping Filipina domestic helpers allegedly maltreated by their employers escaped. This has resulted in the Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait being ordered to leave the oil-rich Arab country.

The video of the rescue which has circulated online even angered the Kuwaiti government.

In this latest incident, the efforts of the Philippine Embassy to rescue the distressed Filipina did not go unnoticed by the Kuwaiti local news outlet calling the incident “trivial and petty”.

The photo went viral Online

“Although the Philippine Embassy focuses on to protect its workers and to solve the crisis of recent ban of their workers from the Philippines to Kuwait, the Philippines embassy also plays role of resolving issues between the workers and the sponsors where in some cases it takes appropriate action to return the worker to her country by harboring a domestic worker who complains about her sponsor,” says a report from Arab News, a local news outlet in Kuwait.

Meanwhile, OFW Delia Solomon said that just because of two eggs, her employer got mad at her creating a greater commotion.

“Nagalit po siya kasi niluto ko yung dalawang pirasong itlog, hindi pa po kasi ako nakakain ng buong araw, tinapay lang binigay sa akin sa tanghali isang piraso. Bago po ako matulog mga 11PM, nilaga ko po yung itlog para may makain po ako,” says Solomon.

According to Solomon, her employer wanted her to buy her own food. Because their conversation got heated, her employer tried to hit her with a cooking pan. Her employer then took her documents leaving only her mobile phone which she buried on the sand.

OFW Delia Solomon /Image from Arab Times Online

Solomon’s employer also threatened the OFW that they will place her inside a water tank or get the police so they can arrest her.

Currently, there is a total deployment ban in Kuwait following the untimely passing of OFW JeanelynVillavende. The passing of the OFW shocked the country as it was found out that she was treated badly for a long time, with healing and healed wounds, over her body. When she arrived in the Philippines, it was also confirmed through the autopsy report by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) that some of her vital internal organs were missing.

The total deployment ban of Filipino workers to Kuwait covers newly-hired household, skilled as well as professional workers. Only those Balik-Manggagawa both skilled and professional workers are allowed to leave the country.



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