Singapore – An innocent baby girl was scalded and traumatized after a domestic helper dipped her hand in a pot of boiling water in an aim to return to her home country.

According to reports, the maid is from Myanmar who worked for one month for the family. The 30-year-old woman was caught dipping the hands of a 16-month-old baby in a pot of water still on the stove for four times.

In the video, the toddler can be heard wailing out of pain and suffered second-degree burns. The maid was soon arrested by the police after the parents of the baby found out the scalded hands of their child was not made out of negligence but actually voluntarily did it to the poor child.

The mother of the child was able to post several pictures of her child’s hand on Facebook.

According to the mother of the child, 40, who works as an accountant in Singapore, the incident happened when the maid was left alone to care for the two girls.

However, around 5:20 in the afternoon, the 8-year-old sister of the baby called her father for help, saying that her baby sister was scalded. Their father rushed home only to find burns on the hands of the baby. He took the baby to the hospital.

The family believed in the maid when she said that the incident was an accident and decided to continue employing her. However, the next day, the maid insisted on returning to her home country. It is then that the mother became suspicious.

The mother decided to check the CCTV footage and was shocked to see that the maid actually dip the hands of the poor baby to a pot of boiling water.

According to the maid, her employment agency told her to hurt the baby so she can return to her home country and that was what she did.

Aside from the maid, the family is also looking to file a case against the employment agency of their domestic helper.


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