The relationship between Kuwait and the Philippines was once again tarnished after the recent incident involving a Filipina domestic helper who was allegedly badly-treated by her employers which resulted in her untimely passing.

However, amidst the issues and controversies, a Filipino national received a free treatment which was supposed to cost KD50,000 (PhP8,359,023) after suffering from rare facial cancer.

Regina, the sister of the patient said that she is very thankful to the Kuwaiti government for providing free-of-charge medical treatment as they have no financial means to support the expensive treatment.

Kuwaiti surgeon Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalaf said that the procedure was indeed very complicated and the operation lasted for 15 hours. It is also said only very few doctors can perform such difficult surgery.

Dr. Talal Dashti, a surgeon, said that Kuwaiti doctors don’t draw a line between citizens and residents, adding that they aim to provide medical care and treats all their patients like family.

Recently, the Philippines implemented a total deployment ban of Filipino workers to Kuwait after the unfortunate passing of OFW Jeanelyn Villavende. According to the autopsy report, the OFW suffered from the hands of her employer months before she passed.

Though the employers were imprisoned and cases were filed against them, the Philippines is yet to lift the deployment ban that’s been affecting not just Filipino workers going to Kuwait but also recruitment agencies in the gulf region.

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