A Filipino man dressed as a woman was arrested by Tokyo police, around 8:30 on the evening of January 29.

According to reports, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police caught a Filipino man dressed as a woman and offering intimate activities near the road in the district.

“Hotel, 20,000 yen,” the Filipino repeatedly said to passersby.

Image from Twitter

The Filipino violated the metropolitan public nuisance ordinance but later admits to these allegations.

“I did it for pocket money,” says the OFW.

The Filipino popular in Japan is on the rise as government data shows a whopping 251,900 Filipino residents as of 2017. Though most Filipinos in Japan confessed to being happy and adjusted in the country, coming to Japan is as hard as other countries around the world.

There are a lot of things to consider particularly, getting knowledge when it comes to Japanese culture. You cannot do it if you cannot speak their native language.

Filipinos in Japan are the fourth largest foreign community and the number keeps on growing every year. Moreover, the most frequent international marriages in Japan are Japanese/Filipino marriages.

As the number of Filipinos in Japan doubled, the number of Filipinos being trafficked to Japan is also noticeably high. The government is already taking the necessary steps to curb such activities.


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