“Education is the only way out of poverty.” – Almost all parents believe that the only way for their children not to experience the things that they encountered while lacking with finances.

Therefore, this dad who works as a tricycle driver and mother who is a dressmaker strived hard to let their children finish school and succeed in life.

A proud son shared on Facebook how their parents managed to send them to school and provide for their daily needs. In return, he together with his three siblings built their parents a mansion.

Image via PESOSENSE / Facebook Post

According to the netizen, they were raised by their parents with disciple and perseverance to strive hard to finish school despite the financial struggles.

When they were in college, they were able to go to school as working students. Work and studies is surely a tough thing but they were able to overcome it all.

Image via PESOSENSE / Facebook Post

“Ako po ay Electrical Engineer, ang pangalawa ay Civil Engineer, and pangatlo ay Math teacher at angbunso ay Mechanical Engineer. Satulongpo ng dasal, tyaga at sipag, nakapasa din po kaming lahat sa board exam (1 take),” says the netizen.

Image via PESOSENSE / Facebook Post

They were able to overcome the hardships of life and started to earn enough to help their family. Then, they build a huge and better house for their parents.

According to the netizen, they used to live in a small apartment where they all sleep in the living room. Their life was not easy but was able to surpass it all.

“Etopo ay patunayna may Diyos. Nakikita nya ang lahat. Kailangan lang po nating manalig at sabayan ng tiwala, sipag at tyaga. Kaya po natin maabot ang lahat, kahit kapos, kahit mahirap. Salamat mga ka-PESO,” says the netizen who posted the story in one of a financial literacy page on Facebook.

Truly, nothing is impossible with hard work, patience, and prayers!


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