A Filipina domestic helper in Saudi Arabia is asking for helper after her employer refused to give her a salary for three years.

If not treated badly physically by their employer, a domestic helper could suffer other forms of bad treatment including lack of sleep, enough food to eat or missed salaries.

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However, this Filipina domestic helper had to go on for three years without a salary and her employer still refuses to send her back to the Philippines.

Facebook user Magsilong ShiellaY lananLadion posted on her social media account to ask for help for her fellow OFW who is in Saudi Arabia.

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According to Ladion, a certain May MayMongkil is asking for help because her employer only paid her salary for a year and stopped giving it for the next three years.

The frustration of Mongkil couldn’t save her from her employers as they refuse to allow her to return to her family in the Philippines. She was also not allowed to use a mobile phone which is the reason why her situation dragged that long.

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Mongkil had been staying with her employer for four years and three months but they still refuse to let her return to the Philippines.

The Facebook user failed to get the address of Mongkil, something very helpful for her immediate rescue

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Posted by Magsilong Shiella Ylanan Ladion on Thursday, January 30, 2020

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