It’s sad to think that there are employers who take advantage of being the upper hand and treat their employees inhumanly. Domestic helpers, sadly, are the ones more prone to bad-treatment and inhuman treatment, be it abroad or in the Philippines.

Image via Youtube Raffy Tulfo In Action

In fact, a mother and daughter in the Philippines who works as a domestic helper went to the TV show RaffyTulfo in Action to seek his help after their employer did numerous bad things to them.

Angelina and Rhea Tubia are both working for Trifona Selma as domestic helpers. Unfortunately, this Trifona was treating the two women badly prompting the younger Tubia to escape from her employer’s residence.

According to Rhea, her employer did a lot of things to hurt her physically. Trifona allegedly hurt her using scissors. She also beat Rhea using a hammer causing her nails to fall off. Rhea decided to escape from Trifona and left the house. It was then that Trifona burnt Rhea’s clothes together with her legal documents including her school records and birth certificate.

Image via Youtube Raffy Tulfo In Action

All of these accusations were denied by Trifona claiming that Angelina and Rhea always fight each other. She also said that it was Angelina, the mother of Rhea who always hurt her daughter.

RaffyTulfo, meanwhile, asked the help of PMSg. LeomelPerena in filing a case against Trifona. He also suggested a psychological test towards the employer as her actions were too harsh for a normal person.

Angelina and Rhea are determined to file a case against their employer who also failed to give them their salary.

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