A video of four men in Arab clothes proudly emphasizing the “size of their hotdog” has been drawing laughs online.

In the said video, four men were ordering a meal when the waiter asked the size of their hotdog. Eventually, they said that it’s a large, foot-long size. All of them said the same until a Filipino man arrived and was asked the same question.

The Filipino said that the size of his hotdog is small and the four men laughed upon hearing it. But the Filipino man didn’t let the humiliation slide.

He stood up and said, “Even though the hotdogs of Filipinos are small, they are hard,” then leaving the four men.

As it turns out, these four men were actually Filipinos from different parts of the world, even talking with their native languages.

Their jokes were green but netizens surely need to twist events despite the hectic health issues all over the web.

How about you, which one do you prefer, Arabs or Filipinos?

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Wag maliitin ang mga pinoy!

Posted by Mga Arabong Pasaway on Friday, February 7, 2020

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