Lose job rather than failing to attend worship services – this has been the case of two Filipina domestic helpers who were barred by their employers from going out due to avoid acquiring the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

According to the Philippine Labor Overseas Office, both Filipina domestic helpers were members of Iglesiani Cristo (INC). They decided to leave their jobs because their employers prevent them from going out for two consecutive weeks since Feb. 2 during their days off.

As for one of the domestic helpers, she was allowed to leave the house for two hours but the other one was not permitted at all.

The religious sector Iglesiani Cristo (INC) usually holds their worship service during Thursdays and Sundays. Sunday is the designated day-off of Filipino domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

It can be recalled that the Labor Department in Hong Kong requested domestic helpers not to go out of their employer’s house even during their rest days, a statement which was issued since Jan. 30.

The said appeal was made to prevent foreign domestic helpers (FDH) from catching the novel coronavirus while they are outside and it is just “suggestion” whilst only the domestic worker can have the final decision.

“It is just a suggestion, it is not a law, it is not an ordinance,” says a suggestion from the Labor Department.

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