One Filipina stayed illegally in Hong Kong for 28 years while the other is 15 years. Now, they are pleading guilty to breaching their conditions of stay.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Anita Hilario, 71-years old and Crestin Diaz, 53-years old pleaded guilty in front of Kwun Tong court before Magistrate Ko Wai-hing last February 12.

Image from SunwebHK

The younger OFW went to the Immigration to surrender herself after staying for 15 years in Hong Kong since June 14, 2004. She first arrived in Hong Kong and worked as a domestic helper last Dec 13, 2002, but her contract was illegally terminated in May 2004. She was not able to find a new employer during the 14 days grace-period which was given to her and decided to overstay.

The defense of Diaz pleaded leniency considering the old age of the Filipina who just wants to return to her family in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the other Filipina overstayed in Hong Kong for 28 years after her work visa expired last Sept 4, 1991. Hilario surrendered herself to the Immigration. They were able to verify that she indeed came to Hong Kong in 1989 but remained even after her visa expired.

The two OFWs asked the help of the Philippine Consulate in surrendering to Hong Kong authorities.

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