Not all domestic helpers abroad suffer maltreatment by their employers. In fact, this Filipina in a video was treated like a family after her employer sang a birthday song for her and even prepared a cake.

Image from Tik Tok

Thousands of Filipinos are being sent to different parts of the world, mostly in the Middle East to work as a domestic helper. Sad to say, not everyone lands a decent employer. There are others, in fact, a lot of them, are being treated badly by their employer giving them bruises and pain all over their body.

But to this Filipina, she is utterly thankful that she got to work with kind-hearted employers in Saudi Arabia. Both her madam and sir are good to her and even celebrated her birthday.

In her social media post with the caption “shukran madam and sir”, Bernadette can be seen smiling as her employer sings a birthday song in English and Arabic.

Because of too much happiness, the Filipina hugged her employer tightly that the latter immediately reciprocated.

“That’s why I love this family… love love Madam,” says Bernadette in her post.

The video instantly became viral and grabbed the attention of many netizens who thought those good employers are all gone.

See video below

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