After allegedly poking fun of an elderly woman and misuse of mobile phones, two maids were arrested by local police in Kuwait as a video clip gets published online.

Image via Arabtimes

According to reports, a video has been circulating online in which an elderly woman was mocked by her two maids and the video that served as proof of the incident was circulated online.

The Cybercrime officers in Kuwait was then prompted to arrest the two maids. In the said video, the Asian maids sarcastically served coffee to an old woman who appeared to be their sponsor.

Image via Arabtimes

The old woman is on a medical bed and didn’t show any reaction to the behavior of her maids. Investigators were able to identify the two women in the video as well as their location and were immediately arrested. They are being investigated and was charged with misusing their phone.

One woman can be heard saying something about Kuwaiti coffee as her employer sits quietly on her bed.

See said video below


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