The Health Department of Hong Kong confirmed on Feb. 25 that only one Filipino is left in quarantine after the release of the three others.

After undergoing a 14-day quarantine, the two Filipino was released from quarantine after they showed no symptoms of the 2019 novel coronavirus.

The other Filipino also has no symptoms and will be released, if she remains this way, on February 28, as confirmed by the Health Department through the Philippine Consulate General.

A total of seven Filipinos had to undergo a quarantine of 14-days after they came in contact with people who have tested positive of the new coronavirus. The Filipina who works as a domestic helper who tested positive showed good results and will be released this week.

“She informed the Consulate today that her tests remain negative,” says Consul General Raly Tejada.

According to reports, the employer of the domestic helper was confirmed to be the 52nd person to have been infected by the virus in Hong Kong. It is said that the 67-year-old employer ate at the Star Seafood Restaurant together with 4 others last month. It turns out that all of them tested positive of the virus.

The 32-year-old Filipina domestic helper was first tested negative of the virus but CT scan results later showed that she was indeed infected with the coronavirus.

“Concerning the foreign maid, the first test was negative.  When the first specimen is taken, it’s quite sometime after the patient’s onset but it may also be due to the specimen taken.”


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