A video of a woman ranting about the “kind of pasalubong” she received from an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) goes viral online.

OFWs tend to sacrifice so much for the sake of their loved ones in the Philippines. They tend to feed their hunger with inexpensive food just so they can give more for their family and they can buy everything they want and need.

Even when it comes to pasalubong, OFWs tend to get pressured by the kind of things that they should give to their relatives and friends to avoid criticism and wrong ideas.

Just like this woman who went viral online for expressing her not good feelings towards the pasalubong she got from an OFW. According to the post, the woman only received LUX soap and this make here feel not good . She claims that even in the local markets, there are lots of soap with the same brand. She also said that this is a very cheap soap unsuitable as pasalubong knowing that OFWs buy branded and expensive things for themselves.

See her 1st video

ay na sabun lng.

nakuranganan. (reaction ng pinasalubungan)

Posted by Ballasiw taaw on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Her words rang a bell on the ears of the netizens. Should this be the right reaction considering the feelings of the one who gave it?

The woman received not good comment and her video instantly gone viral. She was criticized for her rant as netizens pitied the OFW who gave the soap.

In a separate video, she explained that the video was only made to grab more attention from the public and to popularize her Facebook page.

See how she explained


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