A song related to the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) is the new hit project by veteran rapper Gloc-9 and rock band Juan Karlos.

The two released their first-ever song with the title “Sampaguita” and surely a huge hit as it tackles the like of a parent, forced to work away from the family.

The song “Sampaguita” is about the longing and loneliness experienced by parents who had to be separated by their loved ones to support their financial needs.

“Anak, kaarawan mo naulit / ‘Wag mong kalimutang suotin ang bago mong damit / Tandaan molagi kahit ‘di tayomagkalapit / Naaalala ka ni tatay tuwing ako’y pumipikit,” says Gloc 9 on his rap.

A soulful chorus can then be heard from Juan KarlosLabajo.

“Kahit saan man mapadpad / Sa’yo pa rin ako babalik, giliw / Sa halimuyak ng ‘yong paboritong sampaguita.”

The song was the first release on Feb. 28 and already available on different music streaming platforms, according to the official Instagram age of Juan Karlos.

Snippets of the two performers can be seen on their social media accounts as they were at an abandoned, garbage-ridden lot giving a hit to fans that a music video will be coming soon.

Hear it below


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