A Filipina in Oman is in critical condition after suffering from Fungal Meningitis.

November last year when Rushiel Manangan experienced headaches and vomiting. She thought that it was a simple headache but it turned out to be a serious illness.

“Ang finding ng sakitniya ay Fungal Meningitis, virus sautakpo. Yan ay sakitna very rare. Sa damidaw ng tao, yun ang pinakamahirap na sakit,” says Pilar Mananga.

The OFW spend two months in a hospital in Muscat before she was brought back to the Philippines so she can be with her family and continue with the treatment.

Rushiel is currently confined to a private hospital in the Philippines.

She works as a teacher in Oman. She replaced her mother last 2018 on teaching. Before succumbing to a rare disease, Rushiel is the breadwinner of their family.

This OFW has dreams in life. She is even studying to acquire a doctorate degree. Because of this, her mother was heartbroken considering the situation of her daughter.

“Ang sabi po ng doctor, ang fungal meningitis, nakukuha po yan sa dumi ng ibon. Ngayon, yung anak kosi Rushiel, mahina ang immune system niya kaya kinapitan siya ng sakit nayan,” says Pilar in an interview.

But the antibiotic of Rushiel is very expensive. Each antibiotic costs PhP200,000 prompting their savings to get depleted. In fact, even the jewelry of Nanay Pilar was already sold to meet both ends.

The hospital bill of Rushiel is already more than P5 million. God Fund, Me is created for Pilar


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Agaw-buhay ngayon ang isang OFW galing Oman dahil sa isang malubhang sakit. Humihingi ng tulong ang kanyang ina para agad maipagamot ang anak.#TFCNews

Posted by Balitang Global on Friday, February 21, 2020

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