An undocumented Filipino construction worker fell from scaffolding, hitting his head to the ground.

January this year, a Filipino construction worker fell from the scaffolding while attaching a wall cladding into the building. Ruel Calderon fell 6 meters from the scaffolding, hitting his head on the ground.

Ruel started to feel dizzy and vomit. Despite the incident, his Yemeni employer refused to help him since he is an undocumented worker. He was given his salary but was not taken to the hospital for a check-up. He endured pain on his head for several days.

“Wala namang pakialam yung pinag trabaho ankong Yemeni. Na check-up ako sa ospital dahil kina Sir Raymond, Sir Atoy ng Kaagapay.

Through the help of a non-profit organization, Kaagapay, Calderon was taken to the hospital. Luckily, the head injury he acquired was not worse.

“Linear Fracture daw, pero maswerte pa rin kasi walang namuong dugo sa utak ko,” says Calderon. He still also have lumps on his head.

Ruel can’t go to the Philippine Consulate because he still feels dizzy especially when standing and walking. Ruel went to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia legally in 2016. However, he escaped from his employer because they refuse to give him his salary. He ended up as “TNT” and did part-time jobs instead.

Because of the accident, he lost his job and don’t have a salary now. Some of his friends and concerned OFWs are giving him food to eat.

Janelle Ricci Calderon, the child of Ruel is asking for help for the repatriation of his father.

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Undocumented Pinoy Construction Worker Nabagok

Nahulog at nabagok ang ulo ng isang Pinoy construction worker sa Jeddah. Nabuhay at natulungan siya ng isang NGO pero hindi pa makauwi dahil siya'y undocumented.#TFCNews

Posted by Balitang Global on Thursday, February 27, 2020


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