The usual problem of an OFW family is cheating, be it the one left in the Philippines or the one who left to work for another country.

Elselyn Lorejas went to RaffyTulfo in Action to seek help regarding the situation of her brother who’ wife is allegedly cheating on him while she was in Dubai.

According to Elselyn, she couldn’t help but feel pity towards her brother Raul Malupa and his children. This is all because of Raul’s wife whose been cheating on him with a Pakistani man in Dubai. Their children even refuse to go to school and simply shed tears when asked why.

The OFW Wife / From Raffy Tulfo

Jenalyn Malupais set to return to the Philippines this coming March 25. She is willing to talk to her family about the matter when she arrives.

But Raul does not want to settle things with her. He just wants her to be deported, imprisoned and anything he could do to get back at her.

Meanwhile, Jenalyn also defended herself by saying that Raul is also cheating on her. He is also demanding huge remittance from her and also spends the money on his girlfriends.

Raul who is a pastor denies all allegations and ready to press charges against her wife.

The Husband/ from Raffy Tulffo

According to the Republic Act 7016, anyone who violates the rights of a child and woman shall be facing punishment and penalties.

As with Jenalyn, she could be facing a charge in line with this law because of the videos sent by her Pakistani boyfriend to her children in the Philippines. These videos contained malicious acts that led to depression and sadness in the part of the kids.

Raffy advises the couple to talk things out when Jenalyn returns home.

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