The despair of a mother was doubled after knowing the real situation of her Overseas Filipino Worker daughter in Kuwait.

According to Lourdes Clarite, her child Alora Clarite dreamed of working abroad to sustain the everyday needs of their family, especially for her children. Just like any other OFW, she pursued that dream and eventually landed a job abroad. Everything seems to be falling on its right place until she knew the real situation of her daughter in the hands of her employer.

However, Lourdes couldn’t contain her sadness and anger after knowing that her child was treated badly by her employer. Her employer also s3xually maltr3ats her.

Right now, Lourdes wanted to see her child safe and to be with her in the Philippines.

Lourdes is asking for help from the local government as with the counterpart agency of Alora in Kuwait to take the right actions and bring home safely the mistr3ated OFW.

It can be recalled that the Philippines and Kuwait signed an agreement to boost the protection of OFWs, particularly domestic helpers. A harmonized employment contract was signed and the total deployment ban was lifted.

Despite the growing number of cases involving the ill-treatment of domestic helpers, a lot of Filipinos still aspire to work in Kuwait in hopes of achieving a better life for her family in the Philippines.

Via BomboRadyo



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