The first Filipino coronavirus patient in the Philippines met a lonely death after passing without her family and friends by her side.

“She died alone without her loving family and friend around her. She was cremated, alone, without ceremony or tribute,” this is how the daughter of the Nida Paqueo describe the lonely end that her mother had to go through because of COVID-19.

Paqueo is Patient 35, the first Filipino to have passed in the Philippines because of the global pandemic COVID-19.

The sadness of Paqueo family is doubled when the husband of Nida was also found out to be positive of the virus.

“My father is alone as well. He is at a Manila hospital, in stable condition, and quarantine. But he is in deep grief over the loss of his wife of 47 years – the love of his life.”

Liza and her brothers are all in United States. However, they are not allowed to visit their father and comfort him of the grief that he is in.

In addition to their grief is the rumors which are being circulated on social media.

“To compound the grief and pain, rumors and malicious misinformation have circulated on social media about my parents. This has all resulted in panic, violence, threats and stigmatization of our family and loved ones. Disclosure of private information has circulated as well,” she wrote.

Liza explained that her mother went to the hospital with localized pneumonia. It was too late when they knew that their mother had COVID-19 and their father was infected as well.

“All family and friends who have been exposed to my parents are in isolation and quarantine.”

They didn’t know where their parents got the COVID-19 but knowing the number of people in Metro Manila, it’s given that the virus can spread more rapidly.

Liza requested respect for their family ‘during this extremely painful time’.

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