Filipino in Hong Kong tested positive of COVID-19.

The Philippine Consulate General confirmed on March 23 that another Filipina domestic helper tested positive of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The total number of Filipinos in HK infected by the disease just within the day raised to 3.

It can be recalled that the Department of Health in Hong Kong confirmed that there are an additional 2 Filipinos infected by COVID-19 in HK. Hours after the confirmation, another OFW tested positive and it was announced to the public.

The three OFWs were named as cases 327, 336 and 345 by the Health Department.

A day before, news circulated that a Filipino musician also contracted the same disease which has already infected 317 people in Hong Kong, 462 in the Philippines and thousands of people all over the world.

Since February, there are already 10 Filipino in Hong Kong who tested positive of COVID-19 but 4 of them were already released from the hospital.

According to the Philippine Consulate General, they are “extending all the necessary assistance” to the five Filipinos who are still confined in the hospital.

The consulate general, meanwhile, has a reminder to all Filipinos in HK.

“MgaKababayan, please remain vigilant, practice good personal hygiene and always exercise social distancing.”

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