What will you do if you are asked to ‘tie’ the dumplings tight?

If you have experience cooking this delicate Chinese food, you will know how to tightly close its opening. However, to this domestic helper, she took the instructions of her employer to the next level.

In a Facebook post by Singapore Incidents, they showed how a domestic helper responded to the request of her employer to ‘tie’ the dumplings tight.

The employer asked the domestic helper to make some dumplings and to ‘tie them tight’. However, he was shocked to see the photos which were sent by his domestic helper on the outcome of the dumplings.

Image from Singapore Incidents

It turns out that the domestic helper took it literally when her employer said to ‘tie’ the dumplings. She actually sewed the dumplings using a thread.

This created a good laugh among netizens who found the innocent mistake quite funny.

“Stitches on dumplings,” says one netizen.

Image from Singapore Incidents

“When you give her words she doesn’t understand and a dish she never cooked before I think she did a hella good job lmao plus string can just be removed, haven’t you cooked Turkey or roasted a giant chicken before. Plus who even says TIE dumplings,” says one netizen defending the domestic helper.

If you come to think of it, when talking to your domestic helper, it is best to say words that are understandable and communicate with them in a language that both of you can speak. This is the best way to avoid misunderstanding.


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