The Hong Kong government once again sent an advisory to all domestic helpers to stay at home even on their rest day. By this, gathering in public places will refrain.

However, the Labor Department added a warning to all employers with regards to the advisory. Employers must not make their helpers work even if they are inside the house during their day off. Violators will have to face fine reaching $50,000.

Furthermore, workers can discuss their preferred rest day arrangements with their employers, which includes another day for their day off other than the usual day which is Sunday. As for employers, they are obliged to explain special circumstances for the said special arrangement.

It is explained that if the employer asks workers to work on their rest day, it must be substituted with another day off, within the month. The employer is also obliged to notify their worker within 48 hours after the arrangement was done.

The new containment says that “no more than four people can gather together in public, including when eating in a restaurant, while places that attract large gatherings like cinemas, gyms, gaming centers, will all be closed for the next two weeks.”

“Due to the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong, the Philippine Consulate General appeals to the Filipino community to stay at home whenever possible and if there is a need to go out, to make sure to avoid crowded places and practice social distancing. We also ask employers to respect the rest day of domestic workers who choose to stay at home,” says Consul General Raly Tejada.


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