A Filipino COVID-19 patient who survived the disease shares his experiences to inspire other patients to stay strong and believe that you also can be healed.

Carlo Navarro and his family went to Japan from the Philippines last February. He knew the possibility of contracting the disease but still chose to go there.

Anyway, they are protected with gloves, masks, and alcohol. Later did he knew, he will become the first Filipino to be confirmed with COVID-19.

Eventually, Navarro fought a hard battle and soon recovered. Since then, he advocated spreading awareness about the disease through his own experience.

Khaleej Times asked several questions to Navarro through Skype as he lives in Lipa, Philippines.

Where did he think you got the virus?

According to Navarro, throughout their entire stay in Japan, they were not able to encounter someone with cough or colds. However, during their flight back from Japan, he was seated next to a Filipino man who coughs badly. It took him 20 minutes to transfer to another seat as the plane is about to take off. Seven days after they returned, he developed symptoms of COVID-19. He decided to go to St. Luke’s Hospital for a check-up and it was then that they confirmed that he had acquired COVID-19.

What does it feel to have the disease?

He said that in the hospital the symptoms went on particularly the cough, chills, and muscle pains. Somehow, these symptoms disappeared on the third day but it came and went on the following days. Also, he started to develop diarrhea on the fifth day. The doctor also confirmed that he had pneumonia in his lungs. On the sixth day, he started to experience a fever.

How did he cope up?

Since he had to be isolated and family and friends are prohibited to visit him, he was alone. His room is on negative pressure. Thankfully, though video calls, he was able to contact his wife whenever he feels afraid. His wife was also there to check on him from time to time if he had eaten anything or drank enough water. That gave him the strength to go on and fight the disease.

When was the scariest part?

Navarro said that the scariest part of being a COVID-19 patient was when other COVID-19 patients started to pass away. He started hearing nurses running back and forth outside his room. When he asked one nurse how the other patients are doing, he confirmed that two of them already expired.

What is his message to the public?

“I want you to know that once you have symptoms, you need to immediately isolate yourself. There’s no way you can take the risk that the elderly or high-risk groups in your family will get contaminated or will get the virus. You need to go to the hospital to get yourself tested. If they don’t have the testing kits, you just need to stay home and isolate yourself. People must know that they should not fear to go to the hospital and that’s the only way you can protect your loved ones.”


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