There’s love amidst the pandemic.

In a Facebook post, a netizen shared an amazing love story that exists amid a global pandemic.

“Jeremy lives in Brooklyn. During quarantine he sees a girl dancing on the roof. She loves it!” the Facebook user wrote.

It seems like the woman on the roof time is having a great time dancing without knowing that her neighbor across the other building is looking onto her and admiring her dance moves.

Without much ado, Jeremy decided to make a move and flew his drone.

“So take his drone and wrote his number on a sheet of paper with the words, “Text me”.

The woman on the rooftop was identified as Tori. Sensing the effort of Jeremy to communicate with her, she responded by saying, “Hi, I’m the rooftop girl”.

Jeremy wanted to know more about the dancing rooftop girl so he invites her to dinner. But how can this be possible when community quarantine is being imposed?

Nothing to worry! Thanks to the latest technology that we have nowadays, everything is possible.

Through Facetime, they set up a table and dined together while making video calls.

Love, definitely finds a way, even amid the pandemic.

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Jeremy vive en Brooklyn 🌆 Durante la cuarentena ve a una chica bailando en la azotea 💃 ¡le encanta! Así que toma su drón…

Posted by Detalles para novios on Friday, March 27, 2020

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