A Filipina nurse in Italy turned emotional as she shared the challenges that she had to go through as a front liner who takes care of COVID-19 positive patients.

Though it is very hard, the Filipina nurse had to thoughts of giving up for the sake of her patients who are also fighting for their lives.

In a video that can be seen at the GMA Pinoy TV Facebook page, the Filipina nurse confessed that she just finished crying after her fellow nurse passed away after getting infected with COVID-19.

Despite her saddening experience, she chose to fight and never give up.

“We are already contaminated. We just hope that God will continue to protect us,” says the nurse then said that their room is filled with patients and half of them are COVID-19 positives.

Though fearing for her safety, her dedication is still greater than her fears. She also has no plans of turning their backs on their patients. If they choose to leave their patients for their safety, this will be known to other hospitals.

If they fear and decides to walk away, their patients will be left without no one to stand beside them.

“Mahirap. Bahala na lang angPanginoonsaamin,” says the Nurse.

The OFW nurse also said that they are re-using their protective gear, creating uncertainty about whether it can still protect them from the harmful virus or not.

“I-pray n’yo nalang kami,” says the nurse as she prepares for her duty wearing her protective gear.


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