Is it impossible to turn your P5,000 into P700,000 amidst a global pandemic?

To Facebook user Donna Cruz, this isn’t totally impossible as long as you have dedication, hard work, and prayers.

Donna started with P5,000 as an initial investment. She thought of investing her last money into a face mask as it is highly needed nowadays. She started her business last March 14, 2020, even before the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) started.

Donna’s mother works in a sewing company and gave her 10 pcs of face masks. The business-minded Donna had an idea of selling it. With the P5,000 in hand, she brought materials for the face masks and made it sewn.

In a matter of 2 days, the face masks she posted on sale online were sold out. The initial investment of P5,000 turned into P25,000. Donna rolled it again and the P25k became P50k and goes on.

As a seller, she experienced countless bogus transactions, including a bulk order that was not paid. Good thing, she found big clients who became regulars. Government agencies became her clients and awaiting for the payment worth P700k.

Donna wants to inspire others to dream big despite the global pandemic that’s been going around for months. She started low and even decided to quit her high-paying job to start her own business. Eventually, she ended up with huge savings and a good income.

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