An ex-Philippine Overseas Employment Agency – Overseas Filipino Professionals (POEA-OFP) Operations Office head Ken Sarmiento revealed that he found out a scam involving officials from the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth).

Last April 29, Sarmiento filed a case with Atty. Harry Roque against the PhilHealth officials that were included in the P16 million scam which was supposed to be from the contribution of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).

Senior Vice President Dennis Mas, Vice President for National Capital Region Gilda Salvacion Diaz, Member Management Group NarisaSugay, and ex-vice president Ruben John Basa.

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The four officials are facings charges of graft, gross neglect of duty, dereliction of duty, grave abuse of discretion, and gave misconduct.

According to Sarmiento, some liaison officers and employees of PhilHealth are involved in the said illegal activity in which they issue fake receipts to fool OFW who are paying P2,400 every year. The money then goes into their pocket.

PhilHealth President Ricardo Morales asked the National Bureau of Investigation to stop the investigation of these fake receipts as they can now take appropriate actions to the alleged officials.

Morales said that the investigation has been going on since 2015 and claimed that the liaison officers of employment agencies were the ones who faked the receipts of their agency.

The information they gathered was given to NBI and promised that the accused will be held accountable. Morales, on the other hand, passed the blame to the NBI as they were not able to resolve the issue sooner.

It is also said that from 2014 to 2018, there are 244 receipts issued and all of these were proven fake.

Source: Abante 

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