A mega swabbing facility was placed in SM Mall of Asia Arena and is set to open this Friday, May 15. This facility can accommodate as much as 1,000 swabbings every day.

According to the deputy chief implementer Vince Dizon, the facility will be able to test an estimated 20,000 OFWs who are under quarantine in Manila.

“We need to swab them because we need to establish whether or not they are positive or negative for COVID-19 while they are undergoing quarantine,” says Dizon in an interview.

If the OFW tests positive, the quarantine will go on but for those who will test negative, they will be given a certificate that gives them the chance to go home to their respective provinces and go through another home quarantine.

“After we have completed and finished the 20,000 more or fewer OFWs, we are then going to proceed to partner with our local government units so that the suspects and the probable in the communities are going to be brought here and swab here,” the deputy chief said.

Inside the facility, there are 72 testing booths monitored by nurses, nursing assistants, medical technicians, encoders and other staff to ensure the safety of frontliners as well as the public.

“The booths provide physical barriers between the patient and the frontliner and make the frontliner less exposed, and makes the risk of infection or transmission very, very low,”Dizon said.

Source DOH

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