A Filipina in Kuwait is under fire after she gave birth to an illegitimate child after engaging in an illegal relationship with a man while married to another in the Philippines.

According to reports, the Filipina is under strict supervision inside the Al-Adan hospital as per the orders of the Ahmadi prosecutor’s office. She will also be further investigated to identify the man who fathered her child.

Further investigation only revealed that she had a relationship with another Asian man but the identity of the man remained hidden.

The situation of the Filipina was busted by the Kuwait police after they received a call from a Kuwaiti citizen amidst the curfew hours. The Kuwaiti reported that his Filipino maid suffered from severe pain. His wife also revealed that the cause of the pain was pregnancy and that the Filipina is trying to deliver the baby at home.

The medical team to assist the pregnant Filipina arrived at the Mangraf area in Kuwait. It was then that they saw that the Filipina already gave birth to a baby boy inside her room. The situation was only revealed to her employers after they heard screaming of the Filipina while on labor. It was then that they realized that their helper is pregnant and delivered her baby on her own.

Filipina has a husband in the Philippines whom she didn’t meet for 2 years.

Further investigation takes place.

Source  Arab times


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