As they say, a person can do anything for the sake of money when placed in a tough situation. But are you willing to sell your dignity just to earn some bucks?

In a controversial video that was posted on Facebook, a young woman can be seen with an older man who appears to be out of breath. What made it quite alarming was the fact that they were inside a room, together on the bed wearing only their underwear.

The woman is so much younger than the man, making netizens very curious as to their real score.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of couples with a huge age gap but still, look at each other so lovingly. We cannot judge the couple in the video as they can be really in love. However, netizens couldn’t help but judge them and think that maybe, the woman only wants his money in exchange for his body.

Since the video was posted online, it became viral and more shares are done every day. Nonetheless, if they are truly in love with each other, age is just a number and it won’t matter anyway.

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Posted by Hamid Hendrawan on Friday, June 26, 2020

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