The parents of a Saudi boy was heartbroken as their child lost his life after the nasal swab used to test COVID-19 got broken inside his nose.

According to reports, the child was taken to the Shaqra General Hospital after suffering from high body temperature. Upon examination, the child underwent the COVID-19 testing but an unfortunate event happened.

The stick used to conduct COVID-19 testing got broken inside his nose. Doctors were forced to undergo extract the swab from the throat and placed the child under general anesthesia.

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But the child was left “without a follow-up” which later resulted ina loss of consciousness caused by “obstruction of the respiratory tract”. 24 hours after the child entered the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

The father of the child identified as Abdullah Al Joufan, confirmed that he denied the request of the doctors to use general anesthesia for his child but it was denied. The father also asked for a follow-up check-up by a specialist doctor but one of the hospital staff said that their specialist is on leave.

The next day after the child undergone the extraction, he suddenly lost consciousness and was revived continuously. The attempts were futile in the end.

The father requested for his child to be transferred to another hospital. Though the hospital approved it, the ambulance came too late and the child passed away.

Abdullah requested for an investigation following the passing of his child. The Ministry of Health promised to keep an eye on the case.

Source GulfNews

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