The Duterte administration was branded with criticism and accusation from different people especially when it comes to the response team that caters to the needs of OFWs in this time of the pandemic.

But according to an OFW who personally experienced being quarantined for a couple of days, these accusations are untrue.

“Sabi ko picturan mo naman ako kasi last ko na ito dito sa Kuwait” -Jerry

According to the Facebook post of Jerry Luarez Duenas, he documented how he managed to return to his hometown in Cantilan, Surigaodel Sur without suffering from hunger and discomfort.

“Isa ako sa mga OFW nanaka avail ng maayos na trato ng gobyerno. Simula pa pagbaba mo ng airport lahat na kaasikasona sila OWWA at TASK FORCE hanggang sa pag uwi mo sa PROBINSYA, hanggangsa CANTILAN kung san kanaka QUARANTINE,” says Duenas.

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Duenas decided to return to the Philippines for good due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was from Kuwait.

Ito na ang sa kuwait international airport.nakapila na kmi….halos lahat nakakausap ko for good na din sila. -Jerry

The OFW said that upon their arrival in the Philippines, they were greeted with the smiling staffs and personnel of DFA and Task Force while saying, “Welcome back, Kabayan.” This made him feel relaxed.

“Salamt kay OWWA at naka abng na sila para di ka lang magutom”-Jerry

Duenas reminded returning OFWs to bring their own pen and patience as they will be signing a lot of papers.

After undergoing the briefing and the swab test, the returning OFWs were taken to their hotel rooms.

“Yong alam mong pagod ka sabiyahe tapos ito ang makikita mo pagbukas ng pinto. Mapapa wow kanalang at tanggal sa pagod.Dahil ang ganda ng HOTEL natutulogan mo. Salamat s agobyernong ito,” Duenas happily said. They were also given proper meals throughout their stay in the hotel.

Image from Jerry

After they arrived at the Butuan Airport, they were again given snacks in case they are hungry and even a “Jollibee meal” while they are on their way to Cantilan. When they arrived in Cantilan, they were again given food to eat, making sure that they never get hungry.

For Duenas, the travel back to his hometown is hassle-free, thanks to the designated government offices who took care of them.

Mga desisyon na dapat mong paghandaan..🤪🤪😷😷😷Isa ako sa mga OFW na naka avail ng maayos na trato ng gobyerno..simula pa…

Posted by Jerry Luarez Duenas on Monday, July 13, 2020

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