Healthcare workers are worried that returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and the return of locally stranded individuals (LSI) will overwhelm the capacity of the public health system in the province.

According to them, there’s a huge possibility that the quarantine facilities for LSI and OFWs throughout the 14-day period will not be enough and the contact tracing will become inefficient. In worst-case scenario, more healthcare workers taking care of these OFWs and LSI’s might get infected with COVID-19.

Dr. Maria Socorro Colmenares-Quinon from the Provincial Health Office (PHO) urged the national government to be mindful of the provincial healthcare system.

“Please lessen the number of people being transported back. For example, pwede 200 for LSIs and 300 or even 200 lang per week for OFWs,” says Quinon.

As for Western Visayas, there are already 611 COVID-19 cases and 452 of these are OFWs and LSIs, says a data coming from the Department of Health (DOH). Iloilo records the second-highest number of repatriates with COVID-19 followed by Negros Occidental.

The very problem of LGUs is the lack of quarantine facilities for incoming OFWs and LSIs.

“I am appealing on behalf of our healthcare workers. I hope and pray that our authorities will be provided with wisdom in their decision-making. Decisions should be for the greater good,” says the doctor.

Quinon also added that there are already five healthcare workers in Alimodian town who contracted the virus, six from Bingawan Rural Health Unit (RHU), and two from Lucena.

Source: Panay News 

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