Bayanihan is not only experienced in the Philippines but anywhere across the world as long as there are Filipinos.

In this time of the pandemic, there is nothing more important than offering a helping hand to anyone in need. Just like this Filipina who managed to help fellow kababayans in UAE.

In a Facebook post, Angelie Marie Autentico uploaded a picture of her SUV filled with bags of rice and goes around the Emirate helping fellow OFWs who are in need. In fact, her very first YouTube earning worth PhP59,000 was spent on food packs that she distributed in some families in Ajman, UAE.

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In a social media post, she documented her act of goodwill as she distributes relief goods near a hotel in the said emirate. One of the people who received some relief goods from Autentico was a factory worker and a restaurant staff who lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

“Inuuna natin ang mga OFW para magkaroon sila ng strength. Kasi kung wala na silang strength, hindi narin sila makapagpadala dyan sa mga pamilya nila sa Pilipinas,” says Autentico in a video.

On the Facebook page of the OFW, praises were poured on her for deciding to help those in need. The Filipina also shared that she is planning to give 5kgs of rice to another 300 OFWs and visit other emirates to reach out to other fellow kababayans.

“Whatever situation they’re in, they just have to keep pushing and floating, because coz we already know what’s the end this—this too shall pass,” says the OFW. “Just have faith and don’t stop in finding ways to survive and to keep afloat. The bottom line is God is in control. For the meantime, while God is working on our situation and our purpose, we shouldn’t stop doing our part.”

Source Filipinotimes


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