Even before the COVID-19 pandemic started, there are already a lot of Filipinos abroad who are appealing for help after experiencing maltreatment from their employers. Sadly, amid the pandemic, the hardship to repatriate these OFWs are doubled.

In a Facebook video, a woman can be seen lying on the bed, looking so weak and sick. According to the OFW who took the video, the woman was suffering from an unknown disease and became so weak since then.

The Facebook user is asking for help to be rescued as soon as possible before anything bad happens to their fellow kababayan. She said that the woman in the video vomited blood and had a nosebleed.

A doctor came to check on the Filipina after three hours of waiting but she was only diagnosed with high blood pressure. Aside from checking on her, the doctor didn’t give the sick Filipina any medicine or first aid treatment to help her. The doctor simply left.

The OFW confirmed that their location is at Riyadh, Exit 2. Their agency in the Philippines is Pinoy Power Agency and Hesham Almusharraf. They are a group of 9 distressed workers staying at a single place waiting for help and to be repatriated back to their hometowns.



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