Burned all over her body – this is the bitter experience of a Sri Lankan domestic worker under the hands of her Kuwaiti employer and her three minor sons.

In a series of photos, the worker showed several burns all over her body, most of them are very painful even to look at.

According to reports, the perpetrator was a 40-year-old female Kuwaiti national and her underage children were also involved in the cruel act.

Burnt mark on Sri Lankan maids neck (inset) signs of torture using fire on shoulder – Image from Arabtimes

The case of the poor maid came to light after security personnel from Farwaniya arrived in the house of the victim’s sponsor. It was then that the woman was freed and she was handed to the Sri Lankan embassy. From there, she is expected to file legal actions and secure a forensic report stating the severity of her injuries as well as her burnt marks that are visible throughout her body.

It is said that a report was made by the worker at the Sri Lankan embassy saying that she was detained and burned by her female sponsor who lives in the Farwaniya governorate. It was then that the Sri Lankan embassy alarmed the Ministry of Interior regarding the distress call from the victim.

The maid allegedly wanted to return to her country because of her old age but her request was denied and the worker was tortured. The rescuers were able to see the painful burn marks inflicted by her female employer together with her underage sons. According to the maid, the three sons of her employer holds her as their mother burns various parts of her body using heated items. The three minors involved in the incident were released as they are under the juvenile felony.

Source Arabtimes 

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