To avoid the heavy cost of bringing Filipino workers from the Philippines to Hong Kong, some employers are opting to hire workers who are already in the country resulting in the loss of jobs to 1,914 domestic helpers.

Earlier this year, when the coronavirus was first detected, there are already 10,216 Filipino domestic helpers who were not able to keep their jobs, according to the Immigration Department.

This decline of available jobs is also the result of Hong Kong’s imposition of strict travel restrictions to seven countries including the Philippines. Since July 25, people arriving from the seven “high-risk countries” will need to submit a COVID-19 test result which should be negative. Other than that, a hotel booking for 14 days to follow the quarantine protocols must be done before boarding a flight to HK.

The said requirement is needed by new hires, both for incoming helpers or those who are from their vacation. Meanwhile, some of the reasons for termination, according to some helpers who lost their jobs, were blamed by their employers to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

According to the latest statistics, the current population of Filipino domestic helpers in HK is now 209,512 in July, losing almost 2,000 from the previous 211,426 in June.

Source: SunwebHK


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