The tragic accident involving two OFWs in Singapore shocked a lot of people. The OFWs were simply resting in a famous destination in Singapore when a car accidentally lose control and hit them. The driver, meanwhile, was arrested and currently facing charges over the incident that claimed two lives and injured at least 4 people.

Malaysian Chong Kim Hoe allegedly drove onto a nearby footway, through a guard rail and onto a Lucky Plaza service road. Image from StraitsStime

A case was already filed against a Malaysian driver who took the lives of two Filipina OFWs in a tragic accident.

Chong Kim Hoe was driving a car when he hit two OFWs in Lucky Plaza mall, Singapore. He is facing three cases of dangerous driving and a bail amounting to $15,000 (PhP534,074) was already set.

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Chong, a permanent resident of Singapore, was said to have lost control with his car while taking a U-turn at the Nutmeg Road, behind the Orchard Road shopping mall.

The car of Chong went straight to the Lucky Plaza, a hangout spot for Filipinos, and swept the victims. His car also hit the metal railing until he fell into the lower ramp of the said mall.

One of the victims of the tragic accident was identified as Abigail Danao Leste, 41 years old, and Arlyn Picar Nucos, 50 years old.

Aside from them, the other four Filipinos were injured in the said accident.

Source Straitstimes


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