Recently, the Philippines stopped sending nurses and other medical professionals in hopes of providing the country with enough people to care for COVID-19 patients. But the salary in the Philippines is not much compared to the salary given by other countries. This has prompted many medical professionals to seek greener pasture abroad.

Unfortunately, they are not allowed to leave the Philippines as the government implemented a deployment ban on healthcare workers. Just recently, seven nurses were offloaded from their flights bound to the United Kingdom.

A nonprofit organization, Filipino Nurses United, earlier said that healthcare workers also have the right to seek higher salaries abroad and there will not be a shortage of nurses in the country in case the deployment ban is raised.

According to statistics, medical technologists and nurses in the Philippines obtain the lowest salary in entire Southeast Asia. It is said that experienced nurses are only paid around PhP40,381 every month. While the average salary of a local hospital is as low as PhP10,000.

Medical Technologies, meanwhile, is being paid an average salary of PhP29,444, also the lowest salary paid in Southeast Asia.

Because of this very low salary, a lot of nurses and healthcare professionals are going abroad to seek employment. But the government banned their deployment and they cannot leave the country until such deployment gets lifted.

Healthcare professionals are protesting the said deployment ban saying that their families are relying on their financial remittances on their work abroad.

Source The Diplomat 

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