To give a better life for his family, Christopher decided to go to Saudi Arabia for work. Everything is going right until he encountered a road accident while riding a bus.

Because Christopher suffered several injuries, he had to go through different operations to save his life. And when the OFW was discharged from the hospital, he was left without anyone to take care of him. Christopher was forced to stand up and take care of himself.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation of Christopher became aggravated. All he ever asks is to return to his family in the Philippines and be with them in this difficult time of his life.

According to the OFW, his situation is really hard and he is suffering so much.

“Lagi akong humihingi sa kanila ng tulong, ibinaba ko ang pride ko para makauwi lang ako,” says a weeping Christopher.

Christopher also said that he don’t know until when he can live his life and only wants to be with his family in the Philippines.

“Magpupursige ako na makabigay sa inyo. Magtulungan na lang tayo, makakalampas din tayo sa problema,” the OFW added.

Fortunately, there are still fellow Filipinos who are willing to help Christopher. They gave him food to sustain his daily needs. They felt pity towards Christopher’s condition because his side of the body is full of stitches that he acquired following the accident.

All they ever want is to help the OFW and send him back to the Philippines so his family can take care of him.

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