An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who was accused of taking the life of the employer finally returned to the Philippines, as a free man.

Rose Policarpio was imprisoned in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since 2013 after she was charged with murder. However, after six years, the Filipina finally returned home after she was acquitted of the crime and was found innocent.


“She was found innocent of the crime charged. If convicted, she would have faced Qisas or death penalty,” says Adnan Alonto, Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

The reports said that in 2013, three unidentified men went into the house of Policarpio’s employer. These men tried to sexually take advantage of the OFW but successfully fought back. The men who broke into her employer’s house were also the ones who took the life of the Lebanese employer.

Upon the arrival of the Saudi police, they saw Policarpio and her dead employer, prompting them to assume that the Filipina did the heinous crime.

“Hers was a story of strength, of character, faith in God, resilience, and optimism. She remained strong physically and mentally during her ordeal and had entrusted her faith in God,” says Alonto.

“Despite all, she exhibited confidence that good things will come her way and she is ready to meet challenges,” he added.

Alonto said that the Philippine Embassy never gave up on the case of Policarpio because they believed that she is innocent.

“We’re really just happy that she is in on her way home. She went through a lot and yet there is no bitterness in her. The resilience in the Filipino, I guess. Finally, sweet justice,” Alonto said.

Source ABS-CBN

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