A Filipina domestic helper in Hong Kong was rescued after nearly drowning in a swimming pool. What made her family really doubtful was the fact that the Filipina is a strong swimmer.

Adrelyn Onera is currently at the intensive care unit at the United Christian Hospital, after a drowning incident in a pool in Laguna City, Lam Tin.

Adrelyn P. Onera, 28, from Dingle, Iloilo/ Image from Sunwebhk

The case of the 28-year-old Filipina was said to be drowning as there are no found suspicious occurrences. When lifeguards stationed at the pool saw the drowning Filipina, they helped her and took her to the hospital while still unconscious.

But Adrelyn is a competent swimmer and finding her unconscious at the poolside is quite puzzling. Aside from simple sinusitis, it is said that Adrelyn is not suffering any health issues.

The Filipina who is a mother to a 12-year-old boy single-handedly raised her child. She had been working with her current employer for eight months but was already in Hong Kong since 2015.

Consul General Raly Tejada assured the family of the Filipina that they will assist them for anything they need.

Claims of the information of Adrelyn was first circulated on Facebook. It is said that she slipped in the pool and bumped her head. As it turns out, these are all false claims.

Adrelyn is currently in life support.

Source SunWebHK


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