Long distance relationship is tough to handle and tough to maintain as well. But despite all these obvious hardships, a lot of Filipinos still chose this path, work abroad to earn a decent salary to support their family in the Philippines.

We’ve all heard of couples getting involved in affairs with other men/women just because they are apart from their partner who is working hard in another country. Unfortunately, they end up in broken marriages and failed relationships.

Image via Noreen

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) was utterly devastated upon hearing the news that her husband in the Philippines is in a relationship with another woman while she is working abroad for the family.

Facebook user and OFW Noreen posted an intimate photo of a woman and a man on social media. It turns out that the man in the photo is Noreen’s husband who is having an illicit affair with another woman.

According to Noreen, her husband keeps on sending his intimate photos with his mistress in an aim to hurt her. Because of that, Noreen decided to post these pictures on Facebook to show to the world how her husband is treating her despite all the sacrifices she has done for their family.

anung klasing asawa ka…?nagpakahirap ako dito sa ibang bansa para sa inyo..pero ito yung ginawa mo..ginawa mung…

Posted by Noreen on Sunday, September 27, 2020

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