A Filipina domestic helper in Dubai seems to won the lottery when her employer personally gave her lots and lots of money.

Supercar Blondie, a famous Australian vlogger living in Dubai, gave her Filipina domestic helper an entire college fund that she can spend for her son in the Philippines.

At first, the vlogger set up the Filipina into thinking that they are filming a documentary. But without her knowledge, she is about to experience a once in a lifetime surprise from her kind-hearted employer.

“Her name is Avelina, she comes from the Philippines. She has moved to Dubai to save up enough cash to send her son to college,” the vlogger relates as she excitedly shows a box full of cash.

Supercar Blondie then revealed her surprise. Avelina started to cry and said that she just became a millionaire.

“This is actually a video to appreciate you because we love you so much and you’ve done such amazing work for us for the last two years,” says the vlogger. She also said that the cash should be enough for the college education of Avelina’s son in the Philippines or she can spend it to build her dream house in the Philippines.

Avelina worked as a domestic helper in different countries for 10 years. In her previous employer, she even experienced being maltreated. But she decided to endure it all because of her children.

Finally, Avelina met the Australian vlogger who treated her well. According to Avelina, all the sacrifices she had endured is for her two sons in the Philippines.

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