One of the dreams of every Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) braving the work outside their home country is to invest in a new house. In this case, another Filipino worker has become the inspiration of others who are working abroad because she successfully transformed her old house in the Philippines.

Nicole Capuz achieved one of her goals. And this is to build her dream house in her hometown. Capuz started to work as an OFW in Japan. What she dreamed of is building a new home for her family and loved ones in the Philippines.

According to Capuz, while they were growing up, they don’t have to house to call their own as her family was only staying at her grandmother’s house.

“At an early age, I started working as a singer in Japan. I worked there for two years. During that time, we were able to buy a lot, and then we had a small house built on top of it,” says Nicole.

The dreams of building her own home were even more ignited when she transferred to working in Dubai by 2006.

“I started working as a retail associate in Dubai back in 2006. I worked hard and was promoted to a supervisor. Since then, I’ve saved up all my earnings,” says the hard-working OFW.

In her vlog, the OFW shared the transformation of her house. From a simple house into a multi-story house that she’d been saving up for so many years.

The story of Capuz is solid proof that when you work hard and save your earnings, you will surely have something to look on to in the near future.

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Source: DubaiOFW 


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