A security guard at the Bureau of Immigration thought to be part of the controversial ‘pastillas scheme’ allegedly has P14 million in assets when his salary was only P10,000 per month.

According to the statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth declared by the guard last 2018, he accumulated P14,120,000, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Special Action unit revealed.

Image from GMA News

It was also found out that the BI security guard bought a house amounting to P4.5 million and owns jewelry, cars and SUV. He also travelled luxuriously in countries like United States, Japan, and Europe, eight times every year.


“Ang security guard, salary grade 4 or 5 lang ‘yan… So more or less kung sume-suweldo ‘yan, P8,000 ang maximum. P8,000 to P10,000 ‘yan a month,” says NBI Special Action unit chief, Jun Donggalio.

“Pag sobrang laki naman ng dineklera mo na hindi mo na maju-justify… it is safe to say na puwedeng may kinalaman ka talaga diyan sa pastillas, ano?”

Meanwhile, another Immigration officer declared to have a net worth of P277,000 in 2015 but immediately jumped up to P1.4 million after one year. In 2018, his net worth increased to P5 million, during the years wherein the pastillas scheme was highly prevalent.

“Halos P1.2 million ang nadagdag. So sa isang taon makikita niyo po na medyo may discrepancy talaga, considering na ang suweldo niya mga nasa ano lang ‘yan P20,000 plus a month,” says Dongallio.

Aside from them, there are 20 high ranking officials at the Bureau of Immigration (BI) over the controversial scheme.

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